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Feb 21, 2013 9:00pm PST
coumma political insider: the new speaker of the house, john boehner. >> i now pass this gavel and the sacred trust that goes with it to the new speaker. god bless you, speaker boehner. >> he is a career politician, ohioan, hard scrabble upbringing. arrived in 1990, was part of the gang that went after the democrats over the bank scandals. rose to power, became a dealmaker. >> narrator: boehner had served ten terms in the congress, carefully working his way up the leadership ladder. >> john boehner regards himself as an institutionalist, a guy who really loves, reveres even, the house of representatives. >> narrator: but now, boehner would have to lead a class of insurgents. >> i don't think he knew what had fallen into his lap. i don't think he recognized that this was going to be such a hard ride. >> house republicans in the 112th congress plotted strategy. >> narrator: the week after they were sworn in, boehner and the house republicans headed to a private retreat in baltimore. >> two and a half days of presentations... >> narrator: they came together to bond and build a strategy. >
Feb 21, 2013 12:00am PST
evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. john boehner plays the blame game again. it exposes the weak underbelly of the republican party. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> i don't like the sequester. >> the outrageous, phony fight to blame the president reaches new lows. >> i would liked to have not had the sequester in the first place. >> john boehner's sequester lies are exposed. republicans refuse to compromise, and the middle class americans are nine days away from getting the shaft yet again. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz weighs in. >>> a hack job drives the right-wing assault on president obama's pick for defense. tonight the source of the friends of hamas spear has been identified. and it is truly a joke. >>> plus, disgusting cuts to unemployment cripple the poor in north carolina. >>> the pizza man goes on fox news and calls obama voters stupid? >>> and the man who gave the world sarah palin is getting destroyed by tea partiers in arizona. >> you said build the dang fence where. is the fence? >> good to have you with us tonight, folks
Feb 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
place. >> john boehner's sequester lies are exposed. republicans refuse to compromise, and the middle class americans are nine days away from getting the shaft yet again. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz weighs in. >>> a hack job drives the right-wing assault on president obama's pick for defense. tonight the source of the friends of hamas spear has been identified. and it is truly a joke. >>> plus, disgusting cuts to unemployment cripple the poor in north carolina. the pizza man goes on fox news and calls obama voters stupid? >>> and the man who gave the world sarah palin is getting destroyed by tea partiers in arizona. >> you said build the dang fence where. is the fence? >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. speaker boehner's lies, well, they are finally catching up with him. the truth has a funny way of coming back to haunt you, doesn't it? today president obama continued to tell the public about the damage to expect if the automatic budget cuts from the sequester are not averted. here is a good reason the president is keeping the pressure on. polls sh
Feb 21, 2013 3:00am PST
-- why doesn't he call john boehner down to the white house for a meeting? why doesn't he call mitch mcconnell down to the white house for a meeting? oh, my god he hasn't met with john boehner so he can't be serious about stalling the sequester. what idiots! to repeat something like that. republicans are idiots to say it but reporters -- to repeat it. don't they remember during the first term how many meetings did president obama have? with john boehner. if you recall, he even came up to the capitol hill, he even talked to the house republican caucus trying to get their support for his stimulus package and boehner and mcconnell and eric cantor were down there at the white house for meeting after meeting after meeting and what do they do every single time they walk out of the meetings, they walked up to the microphones at the stakeout position and they trashed obama dumped on obama stabbed him in the back. they never went for anything that he proposed. john boehner then met privately with the president three different occasions three different times. they made a deal. and then john bo
Feb 24, 2013 6:30am EST
. >> enough donkeys. now the elephants. >> john boehner shot back. quote, the president got his higher tax. $600 billion from higher earners with no spending cuts at the end of 2012. he also got higher taxes via obamacare. the president's sequester is the wrong way to reduce the deficit, but it is here to stay until washington democrats get serious about cutting spending. the government simply cannot keep delaying the inevitable and spending money it doesn't have. unquote. question, president obama wants to pin sequestration on the republicans. speaker boehner calls sequestration, as you saw, quote unquote, the president's sequester. is he right? >> yes, he is right, in that it was proposed by the president and by his folks when they had the budget impasse, as a way of i say, putting pressure on both sides at some point to deal with it. but our government is so dysfunctional we are at this particular stage now. the problem now is, where do we go from here in terms of this is going to undermine the confidence of the country in the government, and its ability to address problems. it is going
Feb 20, 2013 10:00pm PST
time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >>> john boehner now claims he had nothing to do with the dreaded sequester, even though he voted for it. even some republicans are not letting him get away with that little fib. >> repetition, is it the mother of all yearning as spending cuts loom. >> are the republicans willing to compromise? >> finger pointing? >> we're still knee-deep in the blame game. >> who thought of this idea? >> i made it perfectly clear i don't like the sequester. >> that the sequester was leverage to extract entitlement cuts. >> i got 90% of what i wanted, i'm pretty happy. >> congress is out this week. >> they're taking this week off. >> which says something, i suppose. >> this all began in 2011. >> both sides did agree to the sequester. >> it is a very dumb thing, just stupid. >> the way it is structured? >> it is like a situation of dumb and dumber, moving on. >> things are still moving forward on immigration. >> john mccain really took some heat. >> just ask john mccain. >> you're a senator with the federal government. >> question after angry questio
Feb 18, 2013 10:00am PST
remember, when president obama played with house speaker john boehner. we it get a picture. in this instance, i think that there was a lot of interest in having a picture because, of course, it was an historic moment. this was the first time that the president played with tiger woods, and we are told, again, according to a golf reporter, that the president said to tiger that he was glad that he was playing better, so there was a lot of interest in what was happening and, of course, of seeing visual representation and at this point having gotten that. andrea. >> of course. questions occur. did they not permit a picture because it's tiger woods and because some people might object to tiger woods and the controversy of the past? is it because they didn't want to see the president -- show the president vacationing and he is intigs entitled to a vacation on a weekend we're facing the sequester and the congress is also vacationing? is it because it's his second term, and he is feeling more relaxed about doing things that he really always wanted to do? it's just raising some issues. >> tho
Feb 21, 2013 1:00am EST
have nine days to do it. >> john boehner spent today on recess, but his writing staff published a piece in "the wall street journal" accusing the president of raging against the budget he created. he led the republican house in voting for it, which some conservatives have not forgotten. byron york, chief political conservative columnist, wrote, john boehner describes the sequester as a policy that threatens the security, leads to the question, why would republicans support the measure that threatens national security and thousands of jobs. byron york continues the effect of the argument is to make obama seem reasonable. after all, the president certainly agrees with boehner that the cuts threaten national security and jobs. the difference is obama wants to avoid them. could the gop message on the sequester be anymore self-defeating. it made rush limbaugh uncharacteristically humble today. he had to admit there is something even he doesn't understand. >> boehner, echoing obama, in "the wall street journal," in answer to a question, the republicans support the sequester. they're on
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm EST
now. there's nothing going on. hardly any talks. john boehner and harry reid met last week, and they emerged from the meeting saying the same line that they're saying publicly to reporters. they said privately. the senate needs to move is john boehner's message sfwloosh the fact is that both sides blaming the other. they all signed on because the sequester was approved as a matter of legislation, but it was, as bob woodward reports in his book, it was a white house proposal to the hill to get past a previous budget crisis. >> one of the most curious lines in washington right now that this is obama's sequester. yes, the president might have proposed it. house republicans pushed it through their chamber, and the senate pushed it through the senate. it's really everybody's responsibility. all hands were on deck in 2011 when they did this. now, both sides have political advantages to stay where they are. the senate needs taxes. house republicans cannot put any tax revenue in this equation because john boehner passed tax increases with the fiscal cliff and cannot afford to do it again pol
Feb 24, 2013 7:00am EST
result, some of them decided that is it. we are done. john boehner said the revenue door was closed. we are not going there. guest: when that agreement happens, it was the first time the president campaigned on the idea of a balanced approach. he said it before the election. he won bentley elections on what he called a balanced approach. -- won reelection on what he called a balanced approach. when the fiscal cliff deal was reached, it did a couple of things. it avoided the fiscal cliff problem. the sequester was supposed to go on effect -- into effect on new year's day. they delayed it until march 1. the sequester was a little bit more than $85 billion. they have not been able to do it. they spent the last week blaming one another. part of the republican public strategy over the last 8 weeks has been to call this the president obama sequestered. you mentioned the beat-up that republicans say, we need these cuts, we have to cut spending. the president has resisted cutting spending. at the same time, the republicans have been calling it obama's sequester say, this is somebody's fault
Feb 22, 2013 3:00am PST
goes into a tailspin. thank you, john boehner. what do you say, everybody? guess what. it's a fred. ♪ alleluia. ♪ >> damn straight friday february 22nd. ♪ alleluia. >> bill: and we love fridays here at the bill press show. ♪ alleluia. ♪ >> bill: i am sure you do as well. for some of you, a short week for you rest of us we are taking a look at the big stories of the day and giving you a chance to sound off and tell us what you think about it. 866-55-press is our toll-free number. congress comes back in session next week. they don't come back until tuesday. the sequester kicks in until friday. we will see if they can get anything done. i doubt it very very much in those three days that they are here. they like the sequester. they want it to happen. they want employees to lose their job at the pentagon. they want the economy to go in a tailspin. they want headstart and the pel grants and tsa and air traffic controllers and you name it across the board. they want them all to be severely cut medicare social security. it could be happen. we will talking about that and a lot mor
Feb 21, 2013 11:00am EST
john boehner in which he says a week from now a dramatic new policy is sid to go into effect that threatens u.s. national security, thousands of jobs and more, and then byron york, from "the washington examiner" he put out a piece basically saying could the gop message on the sequester be any more self-defeating. he goes on to say about john boehner, instead he describes it as being a threat to national security, jobs he nevertheless supports it's not an argument likely to persuade millions of americans. how did john boehner get into such a corner? >> i think the whole republican party has gotten into a corner by letting the president off the hook. here's a president almost a spending addict, the debt has gone up dram lick. what nobody is talking about is we are taking this credit card and pasting it to the next gen wrags, which is unconscionable. there's always been a promise from one generation to the next we would leave america better and stronger. instead we're kicking the can down the road and telling them good luck. i think it's outrageous. why aren't peopleal home saying we
Feb 20, 2013 11:00am PST
employees if the sequester hits, john boehner responded president obama is ultimately responsible for the military readiness and it's fair to ask, what is he doing to stop his sequester that would hollow out our armed forces. joining me now is kelly o'donnell. the president will kipitch this program that includes $50 billion for transportation infrastructure and a public-private partnership to attract financing that they have as a partnership to rebuild america and cutting red tape to get permits. sounds like a decent start. >> those are well-tested ideas. they like to see government deal with red tape and infrastructure is popular. those are solid ideas that the president can try to campaign on, if you will. he has the power of the office and the reach of the office that gives him a real advantage in this debate over the sequester cuts. being able to do those interviews across the country in key markets where there will likely be a profound impact and do an effect where he has himself surrounded by 50 responders. those are powerful queues to the public. the president is playing the game
Feb 20, 2013 3:00pm PST
in. wouldn't you know it? a funny thing happened. the truth popped out. john boehner threatens the cuts to the u.s. national security, thousands of jobs and more. boehner is right. these cuts were design today be so brutal, so awful that even extremist republicans would want to avoid them. and, yet, the hill reports today that republicans have decided o the requester is where they'll make their stand on spending cuts. it's downright crazy. republicans admit the cuts will threaten national security and kill jobs. but they refuse to stop them? it makes zero sense. >>> a new economic report warns these cuts could cause 700,000 workers to lose their jobs this year alone. >>> the pentagon today passed a plan to furlough 8,000 workers if the cuts take effect. it's shameful. and the president is fighting that. today, he gave interviews to 8 different tv shows around the country, demand gd the gop stop these spending cuts, and, instead, close loopholes for the rich. >> instead of us cutting education, mental health programs and a whole range of other things that are really important, we sh
Feb 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
boehner. john boehner himself has said that this will be a disaster. orrin hatch, republican from utah said this week talking to a local newspaper that he thinks this will be a disaster. i think that even rand paul when it comes to his rhetoric on the sequester is part of a very small minority of even republicans, because i think there is bipartisan agreement that this is a real problem, that the american mainstream regular folks are going to feel a real pinch, and it's going to do harm to the economy, the military and public needs. i think rand paul is in the minority on this one. >> of course, the end of march is certainly going to do something as well. they're going to have to figure out what to do with the budget there. in fact, i want to put it to both of you. what happens when we're approaching another deadline at the end of march and this time to avoid a government shutdown? >> well, ed, as i said on the show some time ago, i think we're in for two years of the craziest behavior we've ever seen in washington. not until we get another election are we going to get some sort of sen
Feb 20, 2013 6:00pm PST
game. coming up in reality check, senator marco rubio and house speaker john boehner have it right when they say president obama has ownership of the sequestration cuts. >>> so where is everyone? this past weekend president obama was vacationing in flo florida. meanwhile, congress has left for for a weeklong forecast. >> march 1st is the deadline for sequestration, the automatic cuts that will put a heavy burden on our military. >> leon pa nnetta warned congre that failure to address the issue could lead to furloughs for 800,000 defense workers. in tonight's reality check sam brock tries to figure out who is responsible for these impending cuts. >> a lot of finger pointing, raj. wouldn't it be nice if elected officials did what they were elected to do? that's neither here nor there. leon pa nnetta's announcement oy brought more dialogue for sequestrati sequestration. what dialogue? lawmakers have given up on a solution and they're worried about who is to blame at this point. speaker john boehner and marco rubio point to president obama but there are major holes in that accusation.
Feb 16, 2013 9:15am EST
frequent basis. the left does this all the time. obama talked out john boehner, we just had a meeting, look what a bipartisan i am. he is not handing john boehner a victory. in a certain sense he is because he is elevating john boehner to the power of the presidency by having 1-on-1 conversations and it feeds john boehner an end which is why he is no longer doing anything but john boehner doesn't get a win out of that. obama gets the win because he gets to come out and see what a bipartisan guy i am. i was in a room with these folks and we had a nice conversation and told him he was a jackass and i threw him out. but a bipartisan guy i am. it isn't over. is the inaugural was we're going to reach out to the other side and make things, if things don't happen then that is their fault. thank you for that bipartisanship but he is smart, understands the tactic, something we ought to be doing at the same time, and the victories that mean nothing. is fine. you can do that and not feel bad about it. there is the ninth point, to try to reverse the larry of staff as possible in a situation. when
FOX News
Feb 23, 2013 11:00am PST
. warning of dire consequences if the march 1st spending cuts kick in. john boehner says the sequester wasn't his idea, but should he try to stop it. murder rate hits a 50 year low, but the policy many credit for the achievement is once again underfire, could stop and frisk soon be a thing of the past. and just in time for the oscars it's the return of the hollywood black list. we'll take a closer look at the campaign against zero dark welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot, with days to go. president obama turned up heat on republicans this week saying they would be to blame if across the board spending cuts take effect on march 1st, appearing on tuesday with firefighters, police officers, and other first responders, the president claimed the consequences of such cuts would be dire. >> people will lose their jobs. it will jeopardize our military readiness, eviscerate job creating investments, thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. >> but in a wall street jour
Feb 22, 2013 4:00am PST
the budget cuts kick in. the white house said mr. obama called house speaker john boehner and senate gop leader mitch mcconnell yesterday, discussions were described as good but not progress. hundreds of thousands are looking at layoffs and smaller paychecks if those cuts take effect. >>> and the stalemate has taken to twitter for the president's increase in taxes and spending reductions. late thursday john boehner's spokeman tweeted to white house press secretary jay carney, quote was it balanced when the president got $600 billion in revenue with no spending cuts just last month? well, carney replied, saying in part, back in the real world, the president has signed $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction. >>> now, to a developing story in nevada where the manhunt continues this morning for the driver of a black range rover sport involved in a deadly shootout on the vegas strip. three people were killed including rapper kenneth cherry jr. after an altercation. police said the chase led to a car-to-car shooting spree with a maserati racing toward a red light. the maserati crashed i
Feb 22, 2013 5:00am EST
budget cuts kick in. the white house says mr. obama called house speaker john boehner and senate leader mitch mcconnell thursday. discussions were described as good, but neither side is reporting progress. hundreds of thousands of americans are looking at layoffs and pay cuts if those cuts take effect. the stalemate has now taken to twitter. late thursday, john boehner's spokesman tweeted, quote, was it balanced when the president got $600 billion in revenue with no spending cuts just last month? well, carney replied saying in part, back in the real world, the president has signed more than $3.5 trillion in deficit reduction. >>> now to a developing story in nevada where the man hunt continues for the driver of a black range rover sport involved in a deadly shootout. three people were killed, including rapper kenneth cherry jr. after an altercation thursday morning. police say the argument led to a car-to-car shooting spree and that several shots were fire from a black range rover and a maserati racing toward a red light. the maserati burst into flames, killing a passenger. at le
Feb 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
the budget, speaker of the house john boehner warned of dire consequences if it's allowing to through. a wall street journal opinion piece, you'll be shocked to hear blamed the entire mess on president obama. boehner named just a couple of things that he pushed through the house must be avoided. it threatens u.s. national security, thousands of jobs and more. america's military budget would be slashed, border security, law enforcement, aviation safety and many other programs would all have diminished resources. now a they have to do is gray to cut a matching trillion dollars plus out of programs like social security which voters overwhelmingly want untouched and boehner and the republicans will make the sequester go away. well, that's not going to happen. shouldn't the speaker be willing to compromise and take it off the table even if that meant to graying to revenue hikes tax increases for those who can easily afford tax increases? apparently that's not going to happen either. meanwhile, in action is having its consequences. the defense department told some 800,000 civilian employees
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
education. >> speaspeaker john boehner fird back saying last month the president got the higher taxes on the wealthy and is back for more. the american people understand revenue debate is closed. close the loophole and carve out attack code but it should be used to lower rate across the board. enter the former cochair of the president tet commission that up vailed a new version of the plan today to save $2 $2.4 trillion. double the sequester. they want more spending cut than the president wants and warned mr. obama's legacy will be tarnished if he doesn't act on social security and medicare. >> if he wants to leave it alope and not deal with the biggies, he will have a failed presidency. >> since simpson-bowles called for $600,000 in tax revenue, they say it obligates the g.o.p. claim to balance the budget without doing both. >> there is criticism of the president for not reaching out today. outreach on immigration. >> kerfuffle at the briefing because senator rubio office said they never heard from the white house on immigration. white house said there were five meetings. rubio folks
Feb 22, 2013 11:00am EST
aisle this week most recently dialing up house speaker john boehner and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday. we don't know what was said in those calls, but we do know they didn't result in new meetings between the president and congressional leaders. both sides instead focusing on dominating this debate. >> democrats don't seem to understand that taxing americans dampens the economy. republicans don't seem to understand that massive unfocused cuts right now are going to slow down the economy. >> you seriously have to wonder whether anyone in washington, in the house and the senate, in the white house and the administration, republican, democrat, do they ever go outdoors? >> so the economic hammer falling at the end of the month. $85 billion in cuts. what will that mean to your wallet or your family? $619 million in cuts to the federal aviation administration which could result in major flight delays for travelers. $406 million in cuts to head start programs meaning 70,000 children losing access and potential layoffs of 14,000 teachers and staff. and $120 million cut to
Feb 21, 2013 2:00pm EST
white house that today president obama called house speaker john boehner and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to discuss the looming cuts. also, in less than 30 minutes, a group of house democrats will hold an unofficial hearing on the impact of the sequester. no republicans will be present. >> we wish that our republican colleagues would hold an official hearing to understand the terrible consequences of the sequester. unfortunately, our house republican colleagues haven't allowed us to have that kind of hearing so we're going to get this inputt and more unofficial manner. >> and in the past couple of hours, the president continued his campaign to pressure republicans. yesterday it was local tv stations. today, it was with african-american radio stations including joe madison, yolanda adams and al sharpton. >> their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations. and they would prefer to see these kinds of cuts that could slow down our recovery over closing tax loopholes. >> republicans, however, maintained that the seques
Feb 19, 2013 3:00pm PST
things called victory committees. whether john boehner or abraham has a victory committee it can be connected to other committees. they could raise potentially from one donor a $1 million contribution and spread it out to the other candidates and republican parties whether the democratic or republican party. it allows the candidate to solicit a $1 million. >> michael: which is extraordinary. we know republicans are bringing this case. but we know people like floyd abrams and others have not-limiting this as a free speech issue. where do they stand on free speech. >> there is a divide and has been ever since sandra day owe o'connor left, and replaced that's how they came down in cities eyecitizens united and it looks that's how they'll come down in mccutcheons. >> michael: now we return to the campaign front where mark sanford is fine tuning his campaign message for the house seat. he's turning that pesky negative, the one about running off to argentina to visit your mistress while telling everyone you're taking, he's turning it into talking points. >> i absolutely failed in my perso
Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm EST
john boehner and mitch mcconnell to talk about the sequester. this is good. it's called communication. we'll have a full report coming up from our man in washington robert costa. remember how we told the other night about how federal workers are still getting pay raises despite a so-called pay freeze? it turns out federal worker pensions are facing huge unfunded liabilities that could bankrupt them and force a new taxpayer bailout. but on the whole, folks, have no fear, america. help is on the way. this is "the kudlow report" and it starts right now. >>> all right. first up tonight the sky is not falling. even the president's own press secretary backed up president obama's sequester threat of mass layoffs. take a listen to jay carney. >> we agree with the consensus estimates here again from private outside economic firms from the congressional budget office that say we would lose, the country would lose up to 750,000 jobs if the sequester were allowed to be implemented. >> talking about hundreds of thousands of job losses the first week. >> no but there will be job losses. >> let me r
Feb 20, 2013 12:00pm EST
groundwork. >> the president has got a big megaphone, a much bigger megaphone than john boehner, eric cantor, mitch mcconnell, anyone on the republican side, and he's going to go out there on the daily basis, he's going to stand with police officers, teachers, he's going to go to the pentagon and talk with people, perhaps, going to be furloughed. they are going to furlough 700,000 people. he's going to do local tv hits today around the country, and john boehner gets a "wall street journal" editorial, which is really just speaking to his base. the president is speaking to the american people, making the case these cuts are bad for them, and the republicans really are not in a position to respond effectively. when you're in the congressional wing of the party, democrats or republicans, you're not able to effectively compete with the presidency. the republicans learned that in '94 during the government shutdown, they are going to learn it again this time. >> president obama was just reelected. there's a sense america believes he wants to be reasonable in all of this, and, you know, i tal
Feb 20, 2013 9:00am PST
, speaker john boehner is out with an op-ed in today's "wall street journal" entitled "the president is reigning against a budget crisis he created." the same budget crisis speaker boehner and 173 of his house republicans voted for back in 2011. as a reminder, this is how he described the deal at the time. >> you know, i got 98% of what i wanted. i'm pretty happy. >> what is making speaker boehner unhappy with the present situation? quote, no one should be talking about raising taxes when the government is still paying people to play video games, giving folks free cell phones, and buying $47,000 gre cigarette-smoking machines. joining me, ezra klein of "the washington post." ezra, we need your help. actually, everybody needs your help. ezra, what's the deal with the sequester? we have, like, six different ways of reading this. on one hand, there's a chicken little stance that everything's going to end on march 1st. there are these drastic draconian cuts that are going to take place. on the other hand, there's a new theory of late, which is nothing is really going to happen on march 1st
Feb 24, 2013 10:30am EST
anything done here. to be fair to the president, john boehner said he's not going to negotiate with the president either. there can be a little lincoln on either side here. >> i say go watch the lingds ling movie. i predict it's going to be the best picture tonight. i know you don't want my prediction, save that for later. look, the president has put a plan on the table to save the $85 billion. the president has made phone calls to the republican leaders -- the idea the president hasn't reached out is just not true, not factual. he's reached out. he's talked to republican leaders. he's put a plan on the table. now it's the congress's opportunity this week, as they come back from listening to their constituents about all the hurt that's going to be taking place in the country as a result of this sequester. i believe these members of congress will push their leaders to say let's fix this before friday. >> fair enough. as the chief executive, does the president have a unique responsibility to do something to break this impasse even if he feels he's absolutely right and doesn't have a g
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
the congress, the republican congress, it passed with votes from john boehner, and paul ryan said when it happened he got 98% of what he wanted. only republicans gave us the sequester, only they can stop it. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: whatever, jim. jim is so competitive jacki. in the parking structure he's like ha ha, i got in the building first! >> into the building first? >> really? that does it for you? >> you compete about that? >> stephanie: love letter for jacki. dear steph. huge fan and podcast subscriber. everyone involved makes the show fantastic. you guide the show along masterfully. chris is more than he's given credit for. silliness occurs when healthcare geek jacki is in the studio with us. any way to have her there with you more often? >> well, there would be if jim ward didn't constantly sexually harass her. >> there is that whole restraining order. >> i'm several feet away from her. >> that's what the restraining order says. >> stephanie: why can't we have nice things. here she is in the current news center. >> tha
Feb 20, 2013 8:00pm PST
. john boehner, meanwhile with, is the them, sort of. he made his case directly to the people too, today, blaming the president and he wrote in a "wall street journal" op-ed, mr. president, we agree that your sequester is bad policy. what spending are you willing to cut to replace it? so he's saying, mr. president, can you come up with something? whoo, this doesn't look so good, right? we've got eight television interviews, an op-ed in the largest weekday newspaper, but where is the action? robert reich is the former u.s. labor secretary to bill clinton and author of "beyond outrage," what's gone wrong with our economy and how to fix it and ari fleischer, former white house press secretary under george w. bush. all right, let's get some action here. robert, the white house responded to john boehner's challenge of saying, where are the cuts, with a blog post from dan pfeiffer who wrote, "the fact is, the president has a detailed balanced plan with spending cuts, he's willing to make tough choices. now it's time for the speaker to do the same." then he had a link to an 80-page propo
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